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Paris Tattoo's is one of Charlotte, NC best tattoo studios dedicated to giving the best tattoos available in Charlotte. Tattoo enthusiast's from North Carolina, South Carolina, the US, and even the world travel to Paris's studio in Charlotte. Paris Tattoo also specializes in body art, body piercing, cosmetic tattoos, and permanent make-up. Paris Pierides is considered to be one of the top tattoo award winning artists in the world. Paris is one of Charlotte's best tattoo artists.

Contact Paris Tattoo's today to schedule your next tattoo masterpiece in Charlotte, NC. Paris will create a work of art that will surpass your wildest imagination.

Paris Tattoo's is not a tattoo parlor. It is a tattoo studio aimed at artistic tattooing in Charlotte, NC. Each tattoo is created uniquely looking at design, composition, and body placement respecting the sanctity of the body.

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