About Charlotte, NC Paris Tattoo Studio
Paris Pierides - Charlotte, NC - Tattoo Artist
Paris Tattoos has been established since 1989. Paris was born in Zambia, Central Africa, of Greek Cypriot heritage. His formative academic years were spent in Natal, South Africa and New York City. Paris studied at Parsons School Of Design graduating as a top honors student, majoring in illustration. Although an illustrator, Tattooing has become Paris' forte. His career has spanned the globe. For over twenty years Paris has been tattooing in Cyprus, where he reached International Fame from the massive amount of publicity he and his studio received. Paris Pierides has won many awards and accolades which places him amongst the top tattoo artists in the world. In 2008 the United States awarded Paris the highest award possible for Extra Ordinary Outstanding Artistic Achievement. This award, the "EB1", is bestowed to the most talented people in the world. Upon receiving this award, Paris chose to bring his tattoo expertise to Charlotte, NC where Paris Tattoos USA was launched in March 2010.

Alexandra - Body Piercing - Permanent Make Up - Tattoo Studio Manager
Alexandra, originally from Russia, joined Paris Tattoos (Cyprus) in 1999 as a Piercer and Permanent Make-up Artist. Alexandra is know the acting Studio Manager of Paris Tattoos in Charlotte, NC while continuing to specialize in permanent make-up.

Conan - Charlotte, NC - Tattoo Artist
Robert McCollum is originally from Southern California and has been tattooing professionally since 2008. He has always had a strong passion for illustrative artwork inspired by nature. His style of tattooing primarily focuses on delicate, highly detailed animal and floral pieces . Robert is now proud to call Charlotte his home and has been honored to work at Paris Tattoos since 2014.

Conan - Charlotte, NC - Tattoo Artist
Matt is a father of two and a North Carolina native. Born and raised in and around the area. He has been doing art from a very young age, even teaching art lessons to children for a short time. He started tattooing in 2009. He then fine tuned and honed his craft until he found a permanent home at Paris Tattoos in 2015. Many artists pick one style or subject to do exclusively... Matt has always prided himself on doing all styles of tattooing and art. These include realism, Japanese, American traditional, abstract, etc.

Conan - Charlotte, NC - Tattoo Artist
Kelly is originally from Montague, NJ. She got her shot at an apprenticeship in Belville, NJ at age 19. She moved to Fort Lauderdale, where she took a year or so to focus on her art and a tattoo apprenticeship in Miami. Kelly started officially tattooing at age 22. She worked at ‘Babylon’ a studio in Fort Lauderdale, and then ‘No Hard Feelings’ in Coral Springs, before joining Paris Tattoos in 2017. Her passion and specialty is in bold, illustrative tattoos with fully saturated and smooth blended color and strong outlines – this style could beclassified as Neo Traditional. In her freetime, Kelly enjoys acrylic painting and she can be found constantly sketching on her iPad. Outside of artwork, she enjoys Metal. Kelly says,“I love the environment at Paris Tattoos, an amazing place to create. Zero drama and I love the people I work with.”

Conan - Charlotte, NC - Tattoo Artist
John Moro is originally from Miami, Florida. John began his apprenticeship in South Beach Florida in 2010 where a lot of his experience has been working in both high volume street stores and also private studios. John has been interested in all forms of art but loves tattooing the most. He's an exceptional tribal tattoo artist, but if asked, he says he's more of a black and gray artist. Wanting to broaden his horizons, and after extensive research for the best studios, he found Paris Tattoos in Charlotte. John anonymously visited the area and Paris Tattoos before deciding to apply to join the team. After a long, vigorous interview, John recalls: "I knew that the shop and environment Paris and Alexandra have created was for me. It's been a dream come true to work here and create."