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What is Saniderm?
Saniderm is a very thin, transparent, flexible film used to protect new tattoos against fluids, friction, bacteria, and viruses. Unlike plastic films, Saniderm is breathable which allows moisture vapor and oxygen exchange while providing a moist wound environment for enhanced healing. When Saniderm is applied immediately after the tattoo session, the tattoo is protected from dirt and germs. Saniderm can also reduce scabbing, reduce pain, and maintain ink integrity.

How do I apply Saniderm to my tattoo?
Ask your artist how to apply Saniderm before leaving the shop so you are able to apply the next pieces on your own.

Can people have reactions to Saniderm?
Yes. Although Saniderm is hypoallergenic and allergic reactions are rare, some people have very sensitive skin and/or allergies to adhesives. If you are concerned about using Saniderm over your tattoo, try wearing a test piece of Saniderm on a different part of your skin before your tattoo appointment to see if an allergy develops. If you experience a rash, abnormal skin irritation, or other symptoms of an allergic reaction, remove the Saniderm and wash with a mild soap. Discontinue the use of Saniderm. Saniderm should not be used on infected skin. Consult a physician if necessary.

Do Saniderm bandages contain latex?
No. The bandages are latex free.

Will Saniderm pull ink out?
Saniderm will not pull ink out of your healing tattoo. Saniderm's adhesives are sensitive to the skin and do not attach to the weeping area of the tattoo. People who use Saniderm as recommended report the tattoo colors as even more vibrant and complete compared to other aftercare products.

How long should I leave Saniderm on my tattoo?
Everyone reacts differently to the healing process. In general you should leave the first piece of Saniderm on your tattoo for at least 24 hours after your artist applies it, but no longer than 7 days. The length of time will depend on how much fluid your tattoo weeps which can affect the adhesion Saniderm. If you notice excessive weeping or fluid under Saniderm, change Saniderm dressing according to instructions. Many people choose to use the first piece of Saniderm for 2-3 days. Additional pieces of Saniderm may be worn up to 6 days.

How many pieces of Saniderm should I use?
We recommend using three consecutive pieces of Saniderm in order to allow your tattoo ample time to heal. You first piece may be used from 1-3 days. The next two pieces should be used 2-6 days each. If you wish, you may continue using additional pieces of Saniderm if you feel your tattoo needs more time to heal.

Is Saniderm waterproof?
Saniderm adheres to skin even when immersed in water, allowing bathing and showering while wearing it. However, prolonged exposure to water should be avoided. Adhesion may be compromised with extensive water exposure.

Can I sunbathe with Saniderm on?
Saniderm does not contain any type of sun block or sun protection, so you should avoid exposing your tattoo to prolonged sun or UV ray contact. After your tattoo is fully healed, please continue to use sun protection to maintain the integrity of your tattoo colors.

Why is Saniderm better than other products?
It seems that there are as many recommendations for aftercare as there are artists and shops. This is why we have worked hard to provide a simple solution to all of the tattoo aftercare complaints.

Current recommended products include:
  • Antibacterial soap which may dry out tattoo, cause bleeding, scabbing, or faded colors.
  • Lotions are vehicles for bacteria, cause allergic reactions, cause infections and scabbing.
  • Petroleum based products may drain color, provide no healing agents, and stain clothes, sheets, or any other fabrics.
  • Antibacterial Ointments can create allergic reactions, discoloration, and excessive fluid weeping.
Saniderm eliminates the need to meticulously care for your healing tattoo 3-5 times a day, protects your tattoo from dirt and germs, expedites the healing process, reduces scabbing, and enhances color quality, so you can stop worrying about how your tattoo will heal.

Does Saniderm hurt to use?
No. In fact, some people say the healing process was less painful when using Saniderm.

Can I re-use the same piece of Saniderm?
No. Make sure you always use a new and fresh piece of Saniderm when re-applying.

How does Saniderm work?
Saniderm promotes autolytic debridement. Autolytic debridement is the natural process the body undertakes to remove dead and dying tissue. During this process moisture and enzymes, called autolysins, are produced by the body to break down dead tissues. Under normal circumstances these autolysins dry up and evaporate which reduces their effectiveness and causes increased healing times, scabbing and scarring. Saniderm locks in the body's natural moisture and enzymes allowing the body to more effectively use its own natural process to heal itself. Because Saniderm is permeable to oxygen and water vapor, skin can continue to function normally. Additionally, Saniderm prevents contamination from outside objects and eliminates friction and other irritations to further facilitate the healing process.